Take a Bite of My Heart

The kind of guy

I walked out of my bedroom towards the kitchen with my navy blue porcelain mug on my hand. 4.30 in the morning and I haven’t had much sleep. I got woken up by my blocked nose and there goes my 3 more hours to my 7 hours of sleep. The living room was filled with dead silence. Everyone was sound asleep while I’m the only one awake and my thoughts shifted to him. Am I really his kind of guy?

Nature is everything to me. Down-to-earth, I like to keep things simple. Nothing extravagant. I like being humble too. I always put others firsthand before myself, sometimes I love to do random stuffs to make people smile. mm, I suppose he likes someone whom dance? Haha, I don’t know.

A door opened and mother came out of her room. My strings of thoughts fell apart, I walked past her and heaved a sigh at her..   

Shhh.. Hush now

I wondered aimlessly on a train station in the East of Singapore for an hour. I see no one but myself, the incoming trains, they come and go every 6 minutes.. I sat on the bench. It was a warm afternoon, so I stared at the skies. The next train came, I entered. It travelled endlessly without stopping at any stops. The door opened.. I got out, I’m in my living room apartment. I saw my father. I felt a weird aura around him. He was plotting to murder mother and he told me to kept quiet. I gasped..

I woke up feeling horrified, calming myself down for a minute.

Fucking nightmare.

Bah. Damn it.

Late night sex. Sigh.

Late night sex. Sigh.

Week ending (2011/04/17)

My top 5 artists.

  1. Boyce Avenue (116 plays)
  2. Janet Jackson (58 plays)
  3. Lenka (44 plays)
  4. 倖田來未 (36 plays)
  5. 安室奈美恵 (26 plays)

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Here To Stay - Lenka

Just my imagination

My wings.. They felt heavy but airy. Lying on my bed topless in my boxers, I wondered. Does he really meant it when he told me he loved me? Or is it just a farce? I don’t know. 

I wrap myself up under my comforter in this rainy weather like a burrito..

Me and you, we’ll fall in love all over again.
Seth & Summer

Me and you, we’ll fall in love all over again.

Seth & Summer

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